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Beurer FT-09 Multicolor Oral Thermometer

Beurer FT-09 Multicolor Oral Thermometer

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Beurer FT 09 Oral Thermometer

This digital thermometer offers high precision and accuracy. It does not contain mercury and is completely waterproof. After immediate usage it can be easily disinfected. The thermometer also comes with a protective cover which prevents it from harmful germs and bacteria. When not in use it gets automatic switched off.

Electronic Display

This medical device features a large digital display. It provides accurate temperature readings in Celsius. It also gives an acousticsignal when the measurement check is complete.

Easily Disinfected

The thermometer has an optimum design that makes it safe to use. It does not contain mercury or glass. It can be disinfected easily and repeatedly. It is manufactured as a high quality clinical device that is safe and easy to operate.

Accurate Measurement

This digital thermometer makes the task of measuring your temperature and detecting high body temperatures at home simple and easy. The device features a one button operation that makes it extremely user-friendly and convenient to use.

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