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Beurer IH 58 Nebulizer German Technology

Beurer IH 58 Nebulizer German Technology

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Key Highlights:

            • Compressed-air technology
            • For treating the upper and lower airways, colds, asthma,                   respiratory diseases
            • With mains operation
            • High proportion of respirable particles
            • Ideal when travelling
            • Short inhalation time
            • Working pressure: approx. 0.25 to 0.5 bar
            • Extensive accessories
            • Can be disinfected
            • Nebulisation performance: approx. 0.25 ml/min
            • Medical device
            • Incl. mains adapter with micro USB cable


Technical Details:

Product Type Nebuliser
Operation Mains operation
Can be disinfected yes
Adult mask yes
Children's mask yes
Medical device yes
Mouthpiece yes
Nosepiece yes
Mains connection 100-240 V~; 50-60 Hz; 0.5 A
Particle size 4.12 µm
Technology DCcompressed-air technology
Nebulisation performance approx. 0.25 ml/min.
Product weight approx. 176 g
Product dimensions 11.0 x 6.2 x 4.7 mm
CE yes
Warranty in years 5

IH 58 Nebulizer is an essential medical device that is developed especially for individuals who suffer from cold and other respiratory illnesses. These nebulizers are designed with a high proportion of respirable particles. Now experience the ultra-quiet way of nebulizing with this device.

Compressed Air Technology

This nebulizer uses a modern way of nebulizing the liquid medicine, by using compressed air technology. It has a high nebulization capacity of about 0.25ml/min. The device operates at a pressure ranging between 0.25-0.5 bar.

Super Silent

While nebulizing, having a calm atmosphere can make you feel better. This medical device functions with minimal noise. It does not cause any disturbance. It is super silent yet extremely effective in its operation.

Additional Accessories

This nebulization kit comes with a nebulizer bottle, compressed air tube, mains adapter with micro-USB cable, and a filter. It also includes a mouthpiece, nosepiece, adult mask, and a child mask.

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