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Tynor Weight Lifting Knee Wrap, Universal, Pack of 2

Tynor Weight Lifting Knee Wrap, Universal, Pack of 2

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Tynor Weight Lifting Knee Wrap is a scientifically designed product to provide strong support, stability and protection to the knees. It helps to boost the leg strength and endurance during weight lifting, deadlifts, squats and similar intense leg exercises. Strong compressive force of the knee wrap increases the muscle density around the knee which helps to deliver more power from the same muscle. Knee wrap helps to store energy in the ?Sit phase ?of the squat and delivers the same in the ?Stand phase?. It warms up and increases blood flow and flexibility of the knee tissue, thereby reducing the risk of injury.



Made out of strong, high quality and skin friendly Elastic to provide optimal support and stability to the knee joint. Hook loop closures ensure customized compression and strong support to the knee. Wrap around design makes it easy to wear. Provides protection during heavy weight lifting and provides Strong compression for enhanced performance Aesthetically pleasing, sporty looks, comfortable airy design

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