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Mee Mee Vibrating & Soothing Baby Bouncer

Mee Mee Vibrating & Soothing Baby Bouncer

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Babies love being rocked and jiggled as it reminds them of the womb where they moved with the motions of your body. With Mee Mee Vibrating & Soothing Baby Bouncer, your baby can take a short nap, relax, play or just simply enjoy the bouncy motion, throughout the day. Made from premium quality material, the bouncer cradles your baby in comfort and also provides optimal support and rest for his/her back. The detachable toy bar, with two playthings attached, is sure to keep your little one entertained. The bouncer also has a vibrate function, that provides a soothing massage-like feel and you can be rest assured that your baby is comfortable and safe, while you attend to other chores.

Mee Mee Advantages

  • Made from premium quality materials, which ensures your little one is safe and comfortable
  • Conforms to International standards of safety and hygiene
  • Easily bounces up and down when your baby wriggles or when you give it a little bounce
  • Vibrate function gives a massage-like feel that can soothe and calm your baby
  • Colourful and tactile playthings on the detachable toy bar keep your little one occupied and entertained
  • Musical tunes create a cheerful atmosphere
  • Non-slip base of the footrest keeps your little one comfortable and secure while he/she is seated
  • Seat can be adjusted to two different positions, which allows your baby to rest and sit comfortably
  • Ideal for your baby to take short naps in, to spend leisure time or playtime and even just to enjoy the bouncy motion
  • Three point harness belt securely fastens your child to the seat
  • Bouncing function amuses and entertains your child and helps to cultivate them better sleeping habits
  • Toys stimulate the visual as well as tactile senses of your child
  • Can be easily moved from one room to another along with you, as you complete the household chores
  • Lightweight and compact so it's easy to take along when you are travelling


  • Remove the toy bar with the playthings. Clean the entire seat using a damp cloth or wet tissues
  • Hand wash the seat with water and Mee Mee Mild Detergent for best results
  • Seat cover is machine washable. Use a gentle cycle on the washing machine
  • Dry in natural sunlight

Important to Remember:

  • Remove the battery when the bouncer is not being used for a long time
  • Place the bouncer on a flat and even surface like a floor. Avoid placing the bouncer on soft surfaces like beds or on elevated surfaces like tables
  • Always ensure that the harness belt is firmly attached around your darling child's waist
  • Avoid using the bouncer as a car seat
  • Not recommended for children who can sit up unattended; as they could jump, topple over and get injured, due to their enthusiasm or playfulness
  • Parental supervision, while your baby plays or rests, is highly recommended"
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