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Wellbeing Nutrition

Melts Marvel Natural B12+ D3

Melts Marvel Natural B12+ D3

daily wellbeing for kids

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Let your little superhero suit up for a healthy battle and be invincible like Iron Man. Armored with vital nutrients like Vitamin B12, D3+K2 and Folate, this delicious melt-in-your-mouth strip will give your genius the daily boost he needs.

Promotes Bone<br>& Muscle Strength Promotes Bone
& Muscle Strength
Supports Cognitive<br>Development Supports Cognitive
Boosts<br>energy levels Boosts
energy levels
Improves<br>heart health Improves
heart health
30 strips per pack
Exotic Mango Flavour Exotic Mango Flavour

No candy ingredients or syrups used

No synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors or colours


How and when to consume?

On the tongue, once a day

Before school or after play.

Keeps you 100% healthy, yay!

Why choose melts® Natural B12 + D3 for your kids

  • Even picky eaters will love the Tropical Berries taste of these natural multivitamins.


  • ZERO Sugar, Artificial Ingredientes, Gelatin, Soy, Dairy, Allergens.


  • No big pills. No trouble swallowing. No water. This strip will dissolve the way cotton candy does (Yummm!).


  • No medicine-like after-taste, making your kid ask for more.


When it’s all natural, it’s all healthy too!
See what goes into our melts® Kids Natural B12 + D3.

Natural Vitamin K2

vitaMK-7®<br>Natural Vitamin K2

Vitamin D3 (Vegan Lichen)

Vitashine™<br> Vitamin D3 (Vegan Lichen)



Indian Gooseberry (fruit)

Indian Gooseberry (fruit)

Curry Leaf

Curry Leaf

Holy Basil

Holy Basil
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