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Mother Sparsh

Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water

Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water

72 Unscented Baby Wipes) - Super Thick Fabric

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About this item

  • AS GOOD AS COTTON & WATER: The method of cleaning with cotton & Water is always suggested by doctors when a baby is born. The presence of pure water in the wipes makes it an ideal choice for cleaning a baby's skin. Moisturizing properties of the water wipes keep hands, face & diaper area hydrated, prevent dryness and maintain pH balance, thus soothing & retain the freshness of the baby's delicate skin.
  • 3 X THICKER PURE WATER BABY WIPES: As a parent, you don't want coarse thin baby wipes to touch your little one's skin. Thin wipes have a rough texture which harms the baby's delicate skin. Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Baby Wipes are thicker, as good as cotton & water, and are made from plant-based fabric which is soft and gentle on the baby's skin.
  • SAFE FOR BABY SKIN: No parent wants their baby's skin to touch products that are harmful and have chemicals. Your baby's skin needs to be treated with care and requires gentle cleansing. Our Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Baby Wipes are soft, thicker, and free of alcohol & other chemicals. They are gentle on the baby's delicate skin without causing any harm.
  • CHEMICAL-FREE WATER WIPES: Mother Sparsh Pure Water Wipes are free from chemicals commonly used in baby wipes like Alcohol & Paraben. Our water wipes for babies aim to maintain baby hygiene without any chemicals or hurting the baby's skin.
  • PLASTIC LID TO SEAL THE WETNESS: To maintain extra hygiene of the wet wipes for babies, Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Baby Wipes pack comes with a plastic lid that preserves the wetness of the baby wipes & protects them from further contamination.
  • UNSCENTED WATER WIPES: As a parent of a newborn make sure the wipes that you are using are free of artificial fragrances. They can irritate the baby and trigger allergies on the skin. Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Baby Wipes are unscented and safe for your little one's health
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