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MuscleBlaze 18g Protein Shake

MuscleBlaze 18g Protein Shake

(No Added Sugar)

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  • The New MuscleBlaze 18gm protein shake is delicious, ready to drink shake to give you instant Energy On The Go , just grab it & Go
  • 18gm of protein to help curb your hunger and fulfils your daily protein requirements
  • Zero Added Sugar – Sacrifices ? Your favourite milk shake has Zero added sugar to give you guilt free indulgence
  • Fat Free & Lactose Free - Calories that come primarily from protein, not carbs and fat
  • Helps rebuild muscle, post-workout recovery, muscle maintenance, in between meals, on-the-go use, energizing
This shake is as free as your spirit
  • 18gm Protein: With 250% higher protein than other milk shakes, it is a freeway to meet your daily protein needs, one bottle at a time. With as much as 18gm protein in ever bottle, gulp it down to rev up your metabolism and kick start muscle elevation.
  • No Added Sugar: As the most convenient alternative to help you stay on the health track, sugar free claims here will raise your eyebrows. This MB shake is free from added sugars and an overall healthy choice which is full of protein.
  • Guilt-free: Meet your health goals while treating your taste buds to a party, all guilt-free. Your slim down quest just got a Chocolate uplift and isn’t like chalk at all. In fact it’s so good that you’ll get addicted to becoming fitter. 
  • Lactose free: The right amount of protein does not need to come at the cost of dairy overload. For those reasons, fueling your body has become all the more cleaner with this Lactose free shake.
  • Limit free: This shake goes where you go, it has no limits. The easy to carry bottle makes it a perfect on the go hunger crusher, be it before or after a workout, at the yoga studio, in a dance session or when you want to go full throttle, outdoors. 
Why shake up with us?
The protein shake universe is full of bottles and cans making claims that fall flat one way or the other and choosing the right protein source can get a little confusing. So why not simplify your health journey and back it up with facts. 
A good protein shake is nutrient dense, implying it supports your immune well-being, helps in muscle development, speeds up metabolism and provides structure to your body. Whatever your health goal is, this MB Shake provides all of the aforementioned along with kickass taste and far from lumpy chalk shakes. 
The next time you want to refuel or go crushing a physical endeavour, count on this easy to carry protein buddy of yours, that’s lactose free, sugar free and best of all easy on the pocket!
  • Its epic for you and your health: MB shake is quite literally the magic potion that’ll help you lose weight and build muscle. Each shake is made with maximum nutrition in mind. As it is loaded with protein, the shake will help you to feel full for hours after, as it slows down breakdown of nutrients to keep hunger away for longer. MB shake will transform your eating habits because once you experience guilt-free benefits, you’ll get addicted.
  • Count the happiness, not the cals: MB Shake, is a clean, lean machine made with the idea to make sure health is guilt free. Perfect for anyone, whether you’re a young adult, working professional, stay-at-home parent or a busy entrepreneur, MB Shake is low on calories . This shake is free of refined sugar and gives you a clean boost of energy to get through the most dreaded energy lows. It helps to keep blood sugars stabilized and hunger at bay. Thanks to the shake being lactose free, it is easy on your stomach and doesn’t act as a barrier before a heavy workout or planned activity. 
  • 250% higher protein: This ready to drink shake is the ultimate way to meet your daily protein needs. When you work out, you burn calories and break down muscles. You need to replenish it by consuming protein in adequate quantity that will help repair and rebuild your muscles. MB shake has as much as 18g protein is each serving, 250% higher than other shakes, which makes it ideal to refuel, rebuild and recover after strenuous physical activities. To make the most out of the protein in the MB shake, consume it 15-60 minutes after your workout as this is the window when your body will make the most of high-quality complete proteins.
  • Goes where you go: A versatile shake for versatile purposes, is what the MB Shake was formulated for. A portable protein snack to fuel up and crush your cravings on the go. Whether you're a mom who needs a nutritious, on-the-go option or a busy adult wanting to slay a heavy workout or a badass woman who wants to refuel and recover with a light snack, MB Shake needs to be in your bag at all times. Fend off that hunger monster before workouts, yoga sessions, dance practice, at the football turf or even when you’re cruising full speed on your outdoor cycle or run. 
  • It’s yum-believable because not all flavour are created equal: Bid goodbye to lumpy, chalky shakes and say hello to real, chocolate bliss. With no added sugar, it gives your taste bud an authentic experience of protein, wrapped in the sweetness of chocolate. Whether you want to combine it with your cereal breakfast or just have it as is is, it will only take your flavoursome expreience to the next level, complemented by wholesome nutrition. We bet you’ll be left wanting more after the last slurp, such is its magical spell!
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