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MuscleBlaze Liquid L-Carnitine, 450 ml

MuscleBlaze Liquid L-Carnitine, 450 ml

Essential Amino Acids, Watermelon Flavour

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Key Benefits
  • 1 Break down body fat and bolster energy with MuscleBlaze Liquid L-Carnitine--> A supplement crafted to support your shredding journey with 1100mg L-carnitine per serving. With the aid of L-Carnitine, fats, particularly long-chain fatty acids, are converted into energy
  • 2 Premium and top-notch--> No bog-standard stuff; we offer you the best, backed by scientific research. MB Liquid L-Carnitine is made from Carnipure®- a special grade of L-Carnitine, sourced from Switzerland for a superior shredding advantage
  • 3 Amplify cellular energy and fortify athletic performance--> This while using your stubborn body fat as the source and preserving your lean muscles. With added Vitamin B5, L-Carnitine uplifts athletic prowess, no matter where and how you train
  • 4 Speedy absorption, swift action--> MuscleBlaze Liquid L-Carnitine comes in liquid form which makes consuming it as convenient as it gets. Compared to other forms, such as tablets, this fat-detonating supplement absorbs more quickly, resulting in a faster-acting formulation
  • 5 A treat for taste buds--> MB Liquid L-Carnitine livens up your body plus taste buds. Its refreshing and tangy Lemon Lime flavour is what you need to fire up for the fat takedown
There is no reason why you should let body fat bum you out when you can burn it the hell out and boast a banging body. When you have MuscleBlaze Liquid L-Carnitine maximising your fat-burning efforts, you can make it happen. Powered by Branded Carnipure®® sourced from Switzerland and backed by scientific research, MB Liquid L- Carnitine stands superior to the so-so, be it its premium factor or the ability to deliver stellar shredding results.
 This fast-acting supplement converts fat into energy by delivering fat, especially long-chain fatty acids, to the mitochondria of the cells. The resulting ATP is subsequently used as an energy source to fuel training and help you smash stubborn fat, one fierce session at a time. Along with being effective in weight management, our Liquid L-Carnitine goes beyond to aid recovery and boost endurance by limiting the build-up of lactic acid. With an added dose of 5mg of Vitamin B5 per serving, this fast-absorbing supplement will help in energy conversion, formulating RBCs, and allow you to go all out on fat.
Benefits of MuscleBlaze Liquid L-Carnitine
15ml and give em hell
All you need is one 15 ml serving for a full-blown attack on fat, every day. MB Liquid L-Carnitine efficiently uses fats as energy by transporting fatty acids from the blood to the mitochondria. With enhanced energy, elevating your exercising efforts and annihilating fat is what you’ll do. 
L-Carnitine and level up
We are keeping you away from the ordinary, and offering you the ‘OG’ of L- Carnitine. MuscleBlaze Liquid L-Carnitine is crafted using Branded Carnipure®; A premium ingredient which is sourced from Switzerland, backed by scientific research and manufactured under the highest quality standards. Enhance your cellular energy, eliminate fat and preserve the lean muscles by fuelling up with this fast-action supplement. 
Thrive with Vitamin B5
With an additional reinforcement of 5mg of Vitamin B5 to help break down carbs into energy, MB Liquid L-Carnitine makes you a powerhouse. Furthermore, it is necessary for the formulation of RBCs, and to give you an edge, no matter if you shred or just keep fit.
Convenient and effective
You don’t need to add another tablet or pill to your list of supplements. Neither do you have to wait for the L-Carnitine to kick in. MuscleBlaze Liquid L-Carnitine offers it in liquid form, which absorbs faster in your body compared to others. And as a result, swift and effective action follows. 
How to use it?
The recommended usage is one serving (15ml) of MuscleBlaze Liquid L-Carnitine a day. You can consume it directly using the measuring cap or dissolve the same in water as per your preference. For best results, consume 15-20 mins before your workout session.
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