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MuscleBlaze Super Gainer Black, 1 kg (2.2 lb)

MuscleBlaze Super Gainer Black, 1 kg (2.2 lb)

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Key Benefits
  • 1 MuscleBlaze Super Gainer Black is a science backed gaining supplement designed for serious mass gains and advanced muscle building goals
  • 2 MB Super Gainer Black is infused with the scientifically engineered patent pending Enhanced Gaining Formula™ (EGF™) which makes it a standout product in the field of gaining supplements. EGF™ is a formula of three potent blends to boost your gaining pursuits by supplying appetite stimulators, digestive aids, and testosterone boosters
  • 3 MB Super Gainer Black packs a whopping 1386 calories and 58.5g of protein in three servings with milk. It helps promote muscle growth, muscle synthesis and recovery of muscle tissues post workout sessions
  • 4 MB Super Gainer Black’s powerful Testo Blend consists of Ashwagandha, Tribulus Terrestris, Safed Musli, and Fenugreek extracts. They work together to promote protein synthesis, increase muscle mass, size and strength
  • 5 Super Gainer Black also contains 27 Vitamins & Minerals ensuring optimum energy and immunity levels. It comes in a delicious chocolate flavour


Those who embrace the grind of bodybuilding every day know that they need to crush one goal after another and keep going till the next one is reached. Advanced ambitions necessitate an advanced supplement that is as powerful and dedicated to your goals as you are. MB Super Gainer ‘Black’ is engineered to deliver mighty gains to those individuals who go above and beyond in their relentless pursuit of bigger muscles.

The premium quality that MB Super Gainer Black brings in its protein is unrivalled. With a generous 58.5g protein in 3 servings with milk, this gainer is bound to give you incredible returns on your daily workout efforts in the form of great muscle recovery and superior muscle building. It also offers a whopping 1386 calories that keeps you fuelled up on energy for muscle growth.

MB Super Gainer Black gives you the extra edge in your gaining journey beyond protein and calories. A lack of appetite, poor digestion, and low testosterone levels can all impact your gains. As a result, the Enhanced Gaining Formula™ (EGF™) was born. A scientifically created patent pending formula that maximises growth while also combating weight gain issues. EGF™ is formulated with Testosterone Boosters, Appetite Stimulators, and Digestion Enhancers. All factors considered; this is a potent trio that aids healthy weight gain. 

A daily dose of healthy calories from the supplement and more from a healthy diet won’t be daunting for the stomach when you have the ‘Digestion Blend’ to take care of it.
  • Prebiotic & Probiotics: Promote the growth of healthy bacteria, maintain a healthy gut flora and enhances anti-inflammatory response
  • Digestive Enzymes- Contains of enzymes such as Amylases, Lactase & Proteases. Helps break down complex molecules into simpler ones for easy nutrient absorption. With improved digestion, great gains follow.
  • 1200mg Ashwagandha: Improves testosterone levels, increases muscle size, and boosts muscle recovery post-workout
  • 1110mg Tribulus Terrestris: Promotes protein synthesis and boosts testosterone levels for increased lean muscle growth
  • 750mg Safed Musli: Improves metabolism, supports muscle growth, and reduces oxidative stress
  • 150mg Fenugreek Extracts: Naturally increase strength, muscle mass, and testosterone levels
Hunger and muscular growth go hand in hand. Everyday blazing sessions of pumping iron at the gym necessitate the need for a healthy appetite to fuel your body with good quality calories. It’s a blend designed to keep your appetite piqued for more muscle.
  • Fennel & Jeera Extract- Stimulates healthy appetite
  • BioPerine ®- Increases nutrient absorption, stimulates appetite, and facilitates digestion


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