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MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL

MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL

with Complex Carbs and Proteins in 3:1 ratio, 1 kg (2.2 lb), Chocolate

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  • HIGH CALORIE GAINING FORMULA: MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL is a potent supplement that when used in conjunction with training helps gym-goers bulk up. It is a high calorie-gaining formula which offers a sizable 1361 kcal and 76.5gm protein from three servings with milk
  • CARBS FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES: This Gainer has the ideal ratio of quick and slow metabolising carbs, which aids in sustaining the body's calorie supply and supplies enough energy to keep your body’s glycogen stores at optimum levels, and to contribute to muscle growth
  • TOP-TIER PROTEIN BLEND: MB Mass Gainer XXL helps in muscle repairing and building through its unique blend obtained from 5 sources of protein which contain slow, medium and fast-acting proteins to keep your protein tank fuelled up
  • ADDED ENZYMES FOR DIGESTION: This highly potent gainer not only offers healthy calories in high amounts. It also offers your body the ability to digest them and ensure optimum nutrition absorption. This is done by adding Digezyme to the mix
  • GAINER THAT TASTES GREAT: MB Mass Gainer XXL makes gaining a lip-smacking experience with its delectable flavours. Now you can chase massive gains with a punch for your taste buds and muscles
Product Description


Ready to change the game of muscle building with a game-changing supplement? You need to complement your training efforts with a gainer that would be your wingman in getting you SWOLE. Bulk up to your brawny best with MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL. It is the ultimate sports nutrition supplement, which is big on carbs, protein, and calories. Crafted to deliver mega results, MB Mass Gainer XXL is widely in demand among fitness experts for building majestic muscle mass and is also a supplement that has stood the test of time.

Benefits and uses of MB Mass Gainer XXL
MB Mass Gainer XXL is an advanced nutrition formula which offers a balanced blend of nutrients that support your bodybuilding needs in the following ways:

Steady source of energy: Every serving delivers a perfect blend of slow and fast-metabolising carbohydrates, which help maintain a stable supply of calories. These are used as fuel to provide energy to support your grind at the gym. Take on the toughest of challenges and ace them. With 1361 kcal backing you up, you will be an energy powerhouse.

Faster Muscle Recovery: MB Mass Gainer XXL flavour packs a unique blend of proteins sourced from 5 proteins to feed your muscles. These slow, medium and fast-release proteins will increase the availability of proteins and help your muscle-building hustle pay off hugely. Three servings a day will add a whopping 76.5 gm of protein to your body and aid muscle recovery and building.

Energetic performance every time: MB Mass Gainer XXL helps ignite your workout by being a nutritional powerhouse, which readily fuels your body with an ideal dose of protein and carbs plus 500mg L-Glutamine/serving. This helps curb fatigue, keeps you charged up for longer workout sessions, and lets you chase insane gains.

A healthy source of calories: Opting for MB Mass Gainer XXL means you choose to bulk up using a supplement that has lots of quality and healthy ingredients. Just the way gaining ought to be done. Our Gainer is very low in sugar and abundant in clean ingredients, which deliver when paired with a suitable lifting regimen.

Better digestion, faster gains: Get an edge in your gaining journey with MB Mass Gainer XXL, which offers the power of digestive enzymes to boost metabolism and ensure that the calorie surplus doesn't wreak havoc on your system. Additionally, it will promote enhanced absorption of nutrients resulting in better muscle gains.

How and when To Consume Muscleblaze Mass Gainer XXL?

To consume this intensely flavourful drink, mix 1 levelled scoop of Mass Gainer XXL powder with 300ml of chilled skimmed milk, and blend well for a minute to ensure a uniform creamy texture.

  • You can enjoy up to 3 servings per day.
  • Kick-start your day by taking it along with breakfast.
  • When consumed in-between meals, it ensures a sustained calorie supply for long hours.
  • Consuming one serving of MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL about 45-60 minutes before bedtime fuels muscle strength during sleep.
  • For best results, combine 3 servings of MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL per day with proper training and a healthy diet
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