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R for Rabbit

Premium Baloo Baby Straw Sipper Bottle 300 ML

Premium Baloo Baby Straw Sipper Bottle 300 ML

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R for Rabbit Premium Baloo Baby Straw Sipper Bottle

Take your kid a step closer to independence with R for Rabbit Baloo Baby Straw Sipper. This BPA-free sipper is made of PolyPropylene and Silicone material which is completely safe for the baby. Its weighted straw ensures that the baby can drink easily from any direction by moving where your baby moves and keeping the flow of liquid consistent. While its handles help the baby to grip the sipper firmly, its spill-proof cap promises no leakage while you’re on the go. Teach your kids to sip their favorite liquids on their own with R for Rabbit Baloo Baby Straw Sipper.

Key Features

Safety 1stBaloo Baby Straw Sipper is phthalates-free making it completely safe for the child.

BPA Free: The bottle is made of Polypropylene and the straw is made of Silicone, making the sipper bottle 100% BPA-free.

Leakage Free /Spill Proof: Its bottle cap ensures a spill-free experience making the sipper travel friendly and convenient for your baby’s use

Handle for firm grip: A child can firmly hold the sipper using its smooth handles and drink easily from any angle.

Weighted Straw: This weighted straw in a sipper bottle moves with your baby’s movements ensuring that the flow of liquid is smooth from any angle for comfortable sipping

Soft Silicone Straw: No matter how your munchkin uses this bottle, its soft Silicone Straw makes drinking from it easy and gentle on your baby’s gums.

Cute Design: Its cute bear design is so eye-catchy that your child will enjoy drinking from it.

Kindly Note: As per the hygiene clause, this Product is Non-Returnable.

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