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Tynor Back Rest Full, Universal

Tynor Back Rest Full, Universal

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The Tynor Back Rest Full provides lightweight, portable support that keeps the spine in a neutral posture. It's not worn but is placed on chairs, car seats, beds, or even the floor and made of high-density polyurethane foam lined with a soft fabric. The design aligns with a human's back shape and maintains the spine's natural curve.

The Tynor Back Rest Full is lightweight and portable support, maintaining the spine in its neutral position. It is not worn but placed on the car seat, chair, bed, floor, etc. Made out of high-density Polyurethane foam and covered with plush fabric. The shape conforms to the human back profile, maintaining the spine’s natural curvature.


The anatomic design maintains the natural low back curve and relieves the anterior pressure on the vertebras. Side supports hold the body and enhance comfort.

PU foam with 50 density Kg/m3 has high resilience and long functional life with better-cushioning properties.

Removable and washable, the smart cover provides a soft feel and plush looks and gels well with the car or office interiors.

The product has plush looks.

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