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Tynor Cool Pack (Universal)

Tynor Cool Pack (Universal)

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Tynor Cool Pack is a convenient device to provide cold compress. Cold compress helps in reduction of inflammation and protects the injured tissue by slowing the metabolic rate around it. It reduce oedema and bleeding. Cold compress lowers fever, and can be used after an acute injury or surgical procedure. It can also be used to treat ocular allergies, ocular itching and to reduce swelling around the eyes.

The Tynor Cool Pack is a convenient device that can be used to apply a cold compress. In addition to reducing inflammation, cold compresses help to protect the injured tissue by slowing the metabolic rate around it and protecting the tissue from infection. As a result, oedema and bleeding are reduced. In addition, using a cold compress helps to reduce fever. It can also be used in the event of an acute injury or surgical procedure. Additionally, it can be used to treat ocular allergies and itching, reduce swelling over the eyes, and treat ocular allergies.


The elastic belt holds the pack against the body. It offers customizable application and the Fabric cover ensures no cryo skin burns.

The gel pouch is flexible and conforms to body contours. It is large enough to cover most target areas. The Tynor cool pack is easy to clean, maintain and use.

It is a high performing gel with a longer temperature retention time. It is durable, puncture resistant, soft and “frost free” upto -4 degree C. It is also non-toxic and biodegradable.

Offers a Pleasing gel color and fabric combination. The Outer fabric is made out of soft and flexible PU/PVC film which gives a soft feel. The product showcases excellent workmanship.

Fabric cover ensures no cyro skin burns and elastic belt helps in holding pack against body with customizable application.

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