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TYNOR Elite Ortho Contoured Memory Pillow

TYNOR Elite Ortho Contoured Memory Pillow

White, Soft, Universal, 1 Unit

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Discover the epitome of a restful sleep

Carefully crafted the Tynor Elite Ortho contoured memory pillow boasts a contoured design that accommodates both long and short neck . It effortlessly cradles to the natural curvature of your neck, providing optimal support and eliminating discomfort. Wrapped in a luxurious and breathable plush cover, it ensures a restful sleep experience.





Auto-Shaping Memory Foam

Discover ultimate comfort and support with the auto-shaping memory foam. It gently cradles the neck and head anatomy, ensuring uniform pressure distribution and support for a restful sleep.

Contoured Design

The Tynor pillow features a contoured design. The Twin height accommodates both short and long necks promoting muscle relaxation and allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed.

Breathable and Luxurious Cover

Embrace the premium-quality breathable cover, crafted to deliver a heavenly sleep experience. With a convenient zip for effortless washing, the Tynor pillow ensures impeccable hygiene without compromising on comfort.

Suitable for different sleeping styles

Explore personalized comfort and support tailored to every sleeping style. Whether you're a back sleeper, or side sleeper, the Tynor pillow provide the perfect support for your needs.


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