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Tynor Sport Tynogrip Gym Gloves with Support

Tynor Sport Tynogrip Gym Gloves with Support

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Designed to protect the palm and wrist during workouts and enhance overall workout performance. These stylish gym gloves give a layer of protection to the hands and the palm stopping the formation of dead skin and blisters. It comes with a stretchable wrist strap that gives optimal support and protection to the wrist.

  1. Foam padding offers optimal cushioning and protection.
  2. Wrist strap gives an optimal support, grip and protection.
  3. Fingerless design ensures better precision and grip.
  4. Anti-slip silicone printing avoids slippage.
  5. Inbuilt towel around thumb to wipe off sweat.
  6. Finger loops to remove gloves easily.
  7. Soft fabric at the back ensures comfort and breathability.
  8. Hook-and-loop closures for snug and secure fit.
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