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Tynor Travel Pillow Urbane, Universal

Tynor Travel Pillow Urbane, Universal

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Tynor Travel Pillow Urbane is adjustable neck support that can be carried around and allows users to comfortably rest the neck with no conscious effort while sleeping. Traveling without support could cause tension or pain within the neck. The neck is contoured to provide complete head support and comfortable sleeping to ensure an appropriate fit and a good holding and rest. The neck muscles are in a relaxed state without fatigue when taking a rest.

Tynor Travel Pillow Urbane is portable neck support that allows travelers to conveniently secure/rest the neck without conscious effort during sleep. Sleeping during travel without support may lead to muscle strain or pain in the neck. Anatomically contoured for complete head support and pleasure of sleep. Quick tightening to achieve a comfortable fit and proper hold/rest. The neck muscles stay relaxed without any fatigue while resting.


It matches the natural anatomy of the neck/head and provides extreme comfort.

It has a Snap Lock mechanism for easy wearing and removal. It also provides quick and convenient tightening. In addition, it gives customized head and neck support.

It matches the natural anatomy of the neck and head.

Ergonomic design with supreme asthetics & with one piece design.

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