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Tynor Tynocrepe (Beige)

Tynor Tynocrepe (Beige)

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Provides firm compression, warmth and support for swelling reduction, injury stabilization, and tissue support.

  • High stretchability gives required compression
  • Fast edges ensures long functional life
  • Elastic clips holds bandage in place
  • Wrap around design makes it easy to wear
  • Hypoallergenic skin friendly elastic
Stretchable elasticized body
Wrap yourself in optimal compression and grip with the stretchable elasticized body of Tynor crepe bandage , ensuring a snug fit that adapts to your body.
Elastic clips
Wear the bandage with ease using the Tynor Crepe Bandage's elastic clips, ensuring effortless application and a secure, comfortable fit.
Central red lines
Simplify the wrapping process with the Tynor Crepe Bandage's central red lines, offering added convenience by guiding your application.
Skin friendly elastic
Indulge in superior comfort with the hypoallergenic, skin-friendly fabric of the Tynor Crepe Bandage, guaranteeing an irritation-free experience.
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