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Wellbeing Nutrition

WellBeing Organic Vitamin C + Zinc

WellBeing Organic Vitamin C + Zinc

Multi-benefit organic tablets

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A highly efficacious and potent formulation to supercharge your body’s immune response against infections and diseases made using the purest, natural ingredients that deliver 100% RDA.

Powerhouse of Antioxidants Powerhouse of Antioxidants
Strengthens the Immune System Strengthens the Immune System
Fights Signs of Aging Fights Signs of Aging
Brightens Skin Brightens Skin
Boosts Collagen Production Boosts Collagen Production
Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease
16 tabs per tube
Zesty Orange Flavor Zesty Orange Flavor
  • How to Consume Organic Vitamin C + Zinc Effervescent Tablets?

    - Drop one tab in 250 ml of water
    - Wait for it to fizz.
    - Gulp down the goodness of Vitamin C and Zinc.
  • When to Consume Organic Vitamin C + Zinc Effervescent Tablets?

    You can take the tablet anytime during the day. The most ideal time would be post-breakfast.

Power Up Your Body’s Defence

  • Fall sick frequently

  • Catch a cold often

  • Have chronic fatigue

  • Suffer from dull skin

  • Want to slow down signs of skin aging


    Benefits of Organic Vitamin C + Zinc Effervescent Tablets?

    1. Powerhouse of Antioxidants

    These immunity-boosting supplements are an antioxidant powerhouse with natural antioxidant foods like Acerola, Elderberry, Amla, and Rosehip.

    2. Strengthens the Immune System

    Vitamin C antioxidants from Rosehip scavenge free radicals, thus preventing cellular damage. By doing so, it aids the immune system in keeping your cells healthy.

    3. Boosts Collagen Production

    Vitamin C is known to accelerate collagen production, which improves your skin, bones, nails, and hair health.

    4. Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

    Zinc benefits your heart by reducing cardiomyocyte (cell responsible for the contraction of the heart) oxidative stress and preserving cardiac structure.

    5. Brightens Skin

    Free radicals can damage your skin, causing fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, an increase in dark spots, and sagging skin. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, thus enhancing your skin's health.

    6. Fights Signs of Aging

    Antioxidants can be used as a preventative measure to stop the signs of photo-induced skin aging.

    Difference Between Wellbeing Nutrition's Organic Vitamin C Supplement & Other Vitamin C Supplements

    • Wellbeing Nutrition's Organic Vitamin C
    • Other natural vitamin C tablets/ gummies/capsules
    • Tasty, fizzy tabs that evenly dissolve in water
    • Vitamin C capsules may leave a nasty aftertaste
    • 100 % RDA Of Vitamin C & Zinc
    • May or may not give you 100% of the RDA
    • Non-GMO, Sugar-Free and allergen-free
    • Gummies contain sugar and may contain other allergens
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